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Transform Your London Bathroom with a Deep Clean

To guarantee that your bathroom is fully cleaned and disinfected, Cleanny offers professional bathroom deep cleaning London services.  Our professional cleaners can offer the knowledge and tools required to make your bathroom sparkle, whether you need a one-time deep clean or routine maintenance cleaning.

Services You Will Under Our Professional Toilet & Bathroom Cleaning Services

Surface Cleaning and Disinfection: 

Your bathroom’s toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, walls, and floors will all be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by our professional cleaners. To get rid of any dirt, soap scum, and mildew buildup, they will utilize specialized cleaning products and tools. 

Cleaning Fixtures: 

Your bathroom’s fixtures, including the faucets, handles, and knobs, will also be cleaned by a professional cleaner under our service Domestic Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services London. By doing so, you can be sure they are clean and devoid of dirt and bacteria, making them more sanitary to use.

Glass Surface Cleaning: 

Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces in your bathroom, including shower doors, will be done by our cleaning specialists. They will be streak-free and spotless after this.

Cobwebs, Dust, and Debris Removal: 

Our professional cleaners will clean your bathroom of any cobwebs, dust, and debris. This will keep your bathroom smelling good and appearing clean.

Bathroom Disinfection: 

Under our services like washroom cleaning Harrow, our expert bathroom cleaners will use specialized disinfectants to get rid of bacteria and germs in your bathroom. This will make your bathroom a healthier space and help lower the chance of disease.

Replacing Old Supplies: 

Our professional cleaners will also inspect your bathroom supplies, including towels, soap, and toilet paper. By doing this, you may be sure that you always have the things you need.

Customized Cleaning Schedule:

Based on your individual requirements, Cleanny’s expert cleaners can design a customized cleaning schedule for your bathroom.

Moreover, if you are based in Harrow and particularly require deep bathroom cleaning services before leaving your house at the end of your tenancy, you can have our End Of Tenancy Cleaning in Harrow service. You will get almost all kinds of cleaning services under this comprehensive service.


Our Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average bathroom cleaning costs 30-40 pounds an hour. However, this cost varies a great deal depending on the company you choose and the services you get.

Bathroom cleaning specialists ensure to make sure to do the inspection before starting the cleaning work. They use cleaning products and technology to ensure the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. After doing the work they do the final inspection to ensure that the cleaning is done perfectly.

No specific term is used for the people who do the bathroom cleaning. But most of the time janitors is the term that is used particularly for bathroom cleaners.

Remove any debris and objects from the surfaces before beginning a thorough cleaning of a cluttered bathroom. After that, use a cleaning solution and scrub brush to clean the sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet. Use a disinfecting cleaner to clean all surfaces, including the walls, mirror, and cabinets. Keep in mind to clean the baseboards and floors. Replace any missing goods and create a new aroma by diffusing essential oils or using an air freshener.

Happy Clients Say About Our Company

Annabella Capuozzo

They’re absolutely awesome! Both the end of tenancy cleaning they did for us ended up with compliments from my landlords. The house was spotless, they are so nice and professional and price are reasonable too. I will recommend them to everyone!!

Kavita Raval

One of the best local cleaning services i found for the every type of cleaning services! I booked them for cleaning of home and second time for carpet cleaning with hot water extraction. Both time outstanding results! Hats off Divy and his team!

Adeel Minhas

Super friendly and helpful, don’t look any further. Was very efficient, would highly recommend. Had a bad experience with carpet cleaning before but this time I was left very happy. Give them a try

Nandini Raval

I used this company for deep cleaning and carpet cleaning, and the result came out outstanding and i couldn’t be more happier. Highly recommend!

Divyakant Prajapati

What a great job. Came on top wearing masks. Very helpful and REALLY cleaned my office . Very happy. Price was great!!!
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