End of Tenancy Cleaning

It often happens with us that we are not able to give the rented house as we got it in the beginning. And because of this our landlord surfs our deposit valid. And this makes us feel bad too. But now you do not have to worry about this .

We are pleased to announce that we and our employees have hired a new service that will solve the problems of our customers . Yes we are talking about END OF TENANCY SERVICE. Where our service will reach you with your one call and your work will be done as you want and we are sure that you will like our work.

End of Tenancy cleaning is also called as Move-out cleaning. When tenant move out from his rental property, tenant need professional cleaning services. End of Tenancy cleaning is done by professional cleaner with professional equipment and chemical.

End of Tenancy Cleaning include deep cleaning of bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living area and also include washing carpets. End of Tenancy cleaning is primary requirement for real estate agent and landlord to maintenance cleanness and hygiene.

Cleanny provide best and certified end of tenancy services in London. So book now your move-out cleaning service right now and get your 100% deposit back.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is our service that you will not face any problem while handing over the rented house or your rented clinic to the landlord.

While your rent your home, landlords or agents keep deposits from you. while moving out of the property if you do not clean property professionally then they can deduct money from your deposit.

Cleaning provides an approved checklist from landlords and agents which proved all the moves and checklist.

No job is big for us. we provide one cleaner to four cleaners as per property requirements.

Our cleaning services can take two hours to six hours as per your property condition and size.

It is completely up to you. from our side it is not mandatory. if you want to go you can go completely relaxed and finish your other work while we can clean your property because our staff is very trustworthy.

Yes, we do key collection and drop off-key at your selected address.

Yes, we provide all professional chemicals and professional types of equipment.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist


  • Clean and polish door, door handle.
  • Floor wash of wooden floors.
  • Carpet washing (if included).
  • Clean and polish switchboards and switches.
  • Window from inside
  • Take out a spider web.
  • Clean cupboard and mirror.

Hallway and Stairs

  • The dusting of all area
  • Take out spider webs
  • Clean and polish switches and switchboards
  • Vaccine of flooring

Hall room

  • The dusting of the whole room
  • Clean and polish the switchboard
  • Clean all furniture and polish it
  • The window will be clean internally
  • Vaccine of floors
  • Carpet washing (if added)
  • Floor mop
  • Clean and polish the cupboard.


  • Descale shower screen
  • Clean bath and descale
  • Clean and polish steek taps and showerhead
  • De-infected the whole bathroom
  • Clean floor and floor wash
  • Clean and polish towel rack
  • Clean and wash the mirror
  • Clean shelves
  • Clean toilets
  • Clean tiles and being polish


  • Clean all kitchen drawers and cupboards from internal
  • Clean and polish switchboards and switches
  • Clean and sanitized microwave from inside and outside
  • Clean and polish window, window frame
  • Clean oven from inside and outside
  • Remove grease and limescale from tiles
  • Remove spider webs
  • The washing machine will be clean from inside and outside
  • The dishwasher will be clean from both inside and outside
  • Descale the sink and outer tap
  • Fridge and frizzier will be cleaned from inside and outside
  • Vaccine floor and mop floor