Tenants’ responsibilities while having End of tenancy cleaning London

One important step in the rental process is end-of-tenancy cleaning. Tenants are responsible for making sure the home they have been renting out is returned to the landlord or letting agency in a pristine state. This is where services like end of tenancy cleaning London come into the picture. Even though using reputable services like the ones Cleanny offers can be helpful, tenants still have some obligations to fulfill to make sure everything goes as planned and the property satisfies regulations.

Recognizing the terms of the lease

Renters should carefully read their lease agreement to ascertain the precise cleaning requirements set forth by the landlord or property management. Certain leases could have thorough cleaning requirements that outline the state the property must be in when the tenant vacates. Thus, as a tenant, you must consider all the details in your lease agreement so you can guide your service provider in an appropriate manner. 

Communication with the cleaning service

Tenants should be very explicit about the size of the property, any special cleaning requirements, and the areas that require extra care in accordance with the lease agreement when they hire services like End of tenancy cleaning South London. This way they can have smooth cleaning work for their place, and they can easily avoid the disputes that may arise because of improper end of tenancy cleaning. 

Setting up the property

Tenants should clear the area of clutter and personal items before our cleaning crew arrives. In order to ensure a thorough cleaning, clearing out the house makes it easier for the cleaners to access every area. Otherwise managing around your clutter not only delays the cleaning process but also cleaners won’t be able to reach many areas that otherwise would need proper cleaning.

Making sure all areas are addressed

It is the tenant’s responsibility to make sure that every place that is specified in the lease is cleaned. This consists of, but is not restricted to:

  • Cleaning kitchen appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens.
  • Clearing the scale from showers, sinks, and faucets.
  • Washing the windows on the inside and outside.
  • Dusting and cleaning light fixtures, skirting boards, and other surfaces.
  • Sweeping hard surfaces and steam cleaning or vacuuming carpets.
  • Removing any stains from furniture or walls, if allowed.

Taking care of pest control if required

It is usually the tenant’s obligation to take care of any pest problems that may have arisen at the property before they vacate. This may entail making plans for expert pest control assistance. One common misconception is that tenants think controlling pests is linked with tenancy cleaning when it is not. 

Replacing consumables

During their stay, tenants should swap out any consumables they utilize, such as smoke detector batteries, air filters, and light bulbs. By making sure these things are working properly when you leave, you can avoid having your security deposit taken out.

Being present

Although it may not always be required, tenants should think about being present while they are having services like End of tenancy cleaning North London in order to discuss any particular issues or locations that the cleaners may have overlooked.

Recording the property’s condition

Tenants should take pictures or videos of the property before turning in the keys. This can be used to refute any accusations made by the landlord about damages or cleanliness because it shows how the property was when they left it.

Following up with the cleaning service

Tenants should check the property to make sure the predetermined criteria have been reached once our cleaning service like the end of tenancy cleaning London has finished the task. If something goes wrong, they should talk to our cleaners about it right away.

Meeting the deadline

To guarantee that the property is cleaned and prepared for inspection by the prearranged date, tenants should book our cleaning service well in advance of the lease expiration. Being on time is essential to avoiding fines or conflicts.


Tenants must actively participate in the process even though using our end-of-tenancy cleaning service is beneficial. Tenants can reduce conflict and ensure a seamless transition at the end of their lease by being aware of their obligations, communicating clearly, and making sure the property is thoroughly cleaned.

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