Why is end of tenancy clean so expensive?

It is common knowledge that services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Canary Wharf are more expensive than other regular cleaning services. There are a variety of reasons behind it. So, you can’t say because of this specific reason such cleaning is expensive. Generally, the average rate of regular cleaning services is between 13 to 18 pounds. As people ask for this service every week or fortnight the average cost is between 26 to 38 pounds.

However, if you ask about services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Harrow then the price ranges from 28 to 40 pounds per hour. Which on average becomes quite an amount. This cleaning demands detail and perfection which automatically increases the time. Thus, you can expect a hefty sum payable at the end of the services.

Why services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Canary Wharf are costly?

There are a variety of reasons that contribute to determining the end price of tenancy cleaning services. Cleanny offers various packages that can help you clean your place without burdening your pocket. But still, they are a little more expensive than regular cleaning services. So, we see now why services like end of tenancy cleaning Canary Wharf are a bit expensive.

  • Thoroughness and detailing

Compared to other services, end of tenancy cleaning is all about details. It is carried out in a way that will make sure that you can avoid disputes at the end of the lease. Moreover, compared to general cleaning services, it includes services that are not commonly included in regular cleaning services. the goal of this cleaning is to restore the initial charm of the property. This is possible only with detailed and thorough services. This attention to detail demands extra labor and expertise which costs more.

  • Time-consuming
  • Unlike other cleaning services, this cleaning is quite time-consuming. Cleaners need to be attentive to every nook and cranny of the place. They have to double-check everything to make sure the cleaning is satisfactory in the end. Mostly, there are some set standards that landlords or property managers want tenants to follow at the time of tenancy cleaning. These professionals make sure that all such standards are met. They also make sure that your cleaning is in accordance with all the local rules or regulations. Thus, you can say that the time cleaners take is justifiable after making sure all such things are followed.

    • Intensive cleaning

    Even without reasons like a clause of the tenancy agreement or following local rules and regulations. It is your ethical responsibility to be thorough with tenancy cleaning. That’s why end of tenancy cleaning involves rigorous cleaning activities. It involves cleaning dust and grime marks, lime-scale buildup, stubborn stains, and deep-seated dirt. All such things demand extensive labor and you need to have professional services for this. As it is a demanding physical job its rates are a bit higher compared to other cleaning services.

    • Location

    It’s a great factor when the question of cost comes. For major areas like Canary Wharf, Harrow, or London the cost is relatively higher compared to other distant areas. Sometimes, cost is also affected by the distance. This means if you are located at a certain distance and cleaners would have to travel some distance to get you then their wages would include traveling expenses too. Thus, the area and the distance matter as well in determining the cost of end of tenancy cleaning. 

    • High expectation

    Landlords’ demands are quite high when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. To meet such demands companies need to have special resources and proper training for their professionals. They utilize premium quality products and equip their cleaners with the latest cleaning tools to guarantee the quality of cleaning. Thus, all this demands a great deal of perfection and professionalism. Thus, the cost of this service is relatable to the professionalism it demands.

    How having services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Harrow is legally important?

    Most of the time end of tenancy cleaning is the legal requirement mentioned in the clause agreement. This makes services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Harrow quite important to get. In case of going against such a requirement and not complying with it, you have to face a dispute at the end of the lease. You can easily avoid that just by having professional services for such cleaning. As this demands perfection and professionalism so the cost is justifiable.


    Long story short, for various reasons the end-of-tenancy cleaning is important. And as this cleaning demands great detail to attention, they are a little expensive. However, various companies offer various service packages. So, to learn about their packages you can reach them. Also, feel free to contact us anytime, we would be glad to help you with your tenancy cleaning at the most reasonable prices you can ask for.