What are the average prices for end of tenancy cleaning services in the UK?

For renters in the UK, End Of Tenancy Cleaning is an important part of moving out. With it comes the question of end of tenancy clean prices UK. It can be difficult to estimate the cost of end of tenancy cleaning services. Moreover, it relies on a number of variables, including the size, location, and other services needed. Also, it is important as it is one of the requirements of landlords or rental agents. However, you can have your place left in immaculate shape, thanks to our meticulous cleaning process.  

To give you a cost idea, we will see the average costs for end of tenancy cleaning services in the UK.  

End of tenancy clean prices UK – relating factors

It’s important to comprehend the variables that affect the cost of end-of-tenancy cleaning services before diving into precise costs. These elements consist of:

  • Property size

A key factor in determining the final cost is the size of the property. Larger homes cost more to clean since doing so takes more time, labor, and materials.

  • Property condition

The cost may vary depending on the property’s initial state. Keeping the house up nicely can result in a less involved cleaning procedure and lower cost. However, if there are numerous stains or damage, additional work may be required, thereby increasing the cost.

  • Location

The property’s location affects the price. In comparison to suburban or rural places, end of tenancy cleaning services are typically more expensive in large cities or high-cost areas.

  • Additional services

There may be an additional fee for other services such as cleaning the oven, windows, carpets, or upholstery. These services are frequently provided as extras that are optional and might affect the final price.

Average costs of services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Canary Wharf 

Please understand that the following prices should be considered as average estimates that may change based on the aforementioned criteria.

  • Apartment with a studio or one-bedroom

Standard cleaning includes carpet cleaning in a price range of 90 to 150 pounds.

  • House or Apartment with Two Bedrooms

Standard cleaning includes carpet cleaning in a price range of 120 to 200 pounds.

  • Apartment or home with three bedrooms

Standard Cleaning: 160 to 250 pounds

Including carpet cleaning: 190 to 300 pounds.

  • Four-Bedroom Apartment or House

Typical Cleaning: 200 to 300 pounds

From 240 to 350 pounds, including carpet cleaning

The above-mentioned end of tenancy clean prices UK are only estimates and could change across cleaning providers. To obtain an exact cost based on your unique requirements, it is important to make thorough quote requests. In this regard, you can reach us anytime to get a better idea of our services.

Additional factors to consider

Some businesses offer specialized add-on services that they may charge in addition to standard cleaning services. Here are a few illustrations:

  • Between £20 and $50 for each item of furniture for upholstery cleaning
  • $30 to $80 per room for carpet cleaning
  • Window washing costs between $40 and $80 for a whole home.
  • Cleaning an oven would cost $50 to $100

To maintain openness and prevent any surprises, it’s crucial to discuss these extra services with the cleaning firm and acquire a breakdown of charges.

How are your best option in terms of price?

Finding an economical alternative without sacrificing quality is a top goal for many when it comes to hiring cleaning services. Our cleaning business is aware of how critical it is to offer solutions that are both efficient and effective. Here are some important tactics and advice for you. They will assist you in obtaining our cleaning services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Canary Wharf at the most competitive prices.

  • Tailored cleaning packages

We strongly believe in offering cleaning packages that are specifically tailored to your requirements. Furthermore, we can make sure that you only pay for the cleaning activities required for your area by customizing our services. Our experts will design a program that meets your needs and budget. Whether you need a one-time thorough cleaning or routine maintenance cleaning, we are here for you.

  • Clear communication 

Effective communication is crucial to comprehending your cleaning requirements and expectations.  We promote open communication with our clients. This makes sure that we have a clear grasp of the nature of the work needed. We thoroughly address your cleaning needs and provide you with accurate and honest price quotation that fits within your budget.

  • Comprehensive review

We do a comprehensive review of the cleaning requirements prior to delivering an estimate. Our staff will evaluate the property’s size, the degree of cleaning required, and any unique difficulties or extra services needed. This assessment enables us to offer a precise quote. We will customize it to your specific cleaning requirements, guaranteeing that we will charge you fairly and competitively.

  • Flexible scheduling

We are aware of the value of flexibility, particularly when it comes to booking cleaning services. We make every effort to respect your desired day and time for cleaning. So, you may select a time that fits your schedule the best. We provide various scheduling alternatives. This makes things convenient for you and provides you with good value

  • Value for money

While affordability is a major consideration, one should also take into account the value for money. Our aim is to provide outstanding cleaning services that leave your place pristine and smelling fresh. We make investments in highly qualified and experienced cleaning personnel, premium cleaning supplies, and cutting-edge machinery. This guarantee that you get the most out of your investment. Our dedication to excellence ensures that you will get the most from our competitively priced services.

  • Customer reviews and referrals

Reviews and recommendations from previous clients are a great source of information about the caliber and cost of our cleaning services. To learn more about our reputation and the value we provide, we invite you to read client testimonials and reviews. Furthermore, recommendations from happy clients frequently result in exclusive discounts or promotional offers. This may help you save even more on our cleaning services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Canary Wharf.


The cost of end of tenancy cleaning services in the UK might vary based on a number of elements. However, our business places a high priority on personalization, open communication, thorough assessments, and adaptable scheduling. We make sure that you only pay for what you need by customizing our services to meet your demands.

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