How to achieve successful end of tenancy cleaning?

A successful end of tenancy cleaning is critical for renters seeking a refund of their security deposit or landlords preparing a property for new tenants. This detailed guide will cover all of the methods and tips you’ll need to get a thorough and pleasant clean.


Gather all of the necessary tools and supplies before beginning the cleaning process:

Cleaning materials

  • A multi-purpose cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • Cleaner for the oven
  • Cleaner for the bathroom
  • Cleaner for the floor
  • Vinegar
  • Baking powder
  • Cloths made of microfiber
  • Sponges/Scrubbers
  • A mop and a bucket
  • Attachments for a vacuum cleaner
  • Gloves made of rubber

Declutter and organize

  • Remove all personal items.
  • Get rid of any trash or unneeded objects.

Checklist for Cleaning



  • Thoroughly clean the oven, including the racks and the internal walls. Use an appropriate oven cleaner or a baking soda and vinegar paste.
  • Clean and defrost the refrigerator, including the shelves, drawers, and freezer.
  • Inside and out, clean the microwave.
  • Wipe the dishwasher down to remove any debris or stains.

Countertops and cabinets

  • All surfaces, including worktops, cabinets, and shelves, should be cleaned.
  • Clean the cabinet doors and knobs.
  • Get rid of any stains or splatters.

Fixtures and sink

  • Thoroughly clean the sink, eliminating any limescale or stains.
  • Clean the faucets and handles.
  • Use vinegar or a limescale remover to remove any lime buildup.


  • Sweep and mop the floor, paying special care to edges and corners.
  • Move appliances to clean beneath them and clean behind them.


Shower and tub

  • Using an adequate bathroom cleanser, remove soap scum and grime from tiles or walls.
  • The showerhead and faucets should be cleaned.
  • Remove any debris from the bathtub by scrubbing it.


  • Using a toilet brush and disinfectant, clean the toilet bowl.
  • Wipe down the toilet’s exterior, including the tank and seat.

Vanity and sink

  • Remove any toothpaste stains or water marks from the sink.
  • Cabinets and drawers should be cleaned thoroughly from inside and outside.


  • For a streak-free finish, clean mirrors with glass cleaner.


  • Sweep and mop the floors, paying special attention to grout lines and corners.
  • Clean beneath the toilet and surrounding it, as well as under the sink.

Living and sleeping areas


  • All surfaces, including shelves, tables, window sills, and baseboards, should be dusted.
  • Light fittings and ceiling fans should be cleaned.

Floors and carpets

  • Thoroughly vacuum carpets and consider steam cleaning for tough stains.
  • Sweep and clean hard floors, making sure no debris or dust is left in corners.


  • Glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth should be used to clean the windows and window sills.
  • If applicable, clean the blinds or curtains.

Routine cleaning


  • Spot clean any wall stains. To avoid harming the paint, use a light detergent and a soft sponge.

Switches for lights and doorknobs

  • Thoroughly disinfect these high-touch areas.


  • Clean and dust air vents or extractor fans.

Tips for a successful end-of-lease cleaning

  • Begin early: Begin cleaning well in advance of the move-out date to ensure that you have enough time to thoroughly clean every space.
  • Use a checklist: Use a thorough checklist to verify that no regions or tasks are overlooked.
  • Work methodically: To retain attention and ensure completeness, clean one room at a time.
  • Use appropriate cleaning products: To avoid damage, select appropriate cleaners for different surfaces.
  • Pay close attention to details: Examine minor locations that are frequently neglected, such as door handles, light switches, and corners.
  • Consider hiring professional cleaners: If you have limited time or finances, consider hiring professional cleaners to ensure a complete job. You can have services like end of tenancy cleaning North London to have professional cleaners for the job.
  • Take photos: Before leaving, snap photos of the property’s cleanliness. These images can be used as proof if there are any disagreements about the property’s condition.
  • Follow the landlord’s checklist: Some landlords or agencies may issue a checklist of specific end-of-tenancy cleaning requirements. To meet their expectations, make sure you meet these prerequisites.

Need for professional cleaners

Because of their knowledge, quickness, and thoroughness, professional cleaners are essential for tenancy cleaning. They have the tools, skills, and knowledge to remove even the most tenacious stains and neglected areas. Their attention to detail ensures that the property satisfies the strict standards demanded by landlords or property managers.

You can have such professional cleaners under the services end of tenancy cleaning south London. Moreover, this considerably improves the odds of tenants receiving a full refund of their security deposit or appropriately preparing the property for new occupants.


End of tenancy cleaning involves thoroughness, attention to detail, and the use of the proper cleaning solutions and techniques. You can leave the property in pristine shape by following a checklist, working methodically, and devoting enough time to each area.

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