Protocols to follow while having services like End of tenancy cleaning Harrow

If you are here then you are already at the right place to have the best tenancy cleaning services. Cleanny is offering services like end of tenancy cleaning Harrow that are hard to find anywhere else and our repute and past works advocate our stance. Anyways, even if you aren’t convinced we are here with protocols you need to follow to have a successful tenancy cleaning, and then you will see how we are your best bet. So, without wasting a minute let’s see them.

Guidelines to follow while selecting an end-of-tenancy cleaning service

Following some guidelines when hiring an end-of-tenancy cleaning service guarantees a complete and satisfying cleaning procedure. The procedures to be followed during an end-of-tenancy cleaning include but are not limited to:

Examine the tenancy agreement

Give your tenancy agreement a close read before starting the cleaning process. Typically, it has provisions describing the anticipated state of the property upon departure. This will function as a checklist for cleaning.

Plan and organize

Put together a methodical cleaning schedule. Make sure you have enough time and that you have the right tools and cleaning supplies. Prioritize your tasks and make sure each room has a scheduled cleaning time. Now, this step holds key importance if you are doing your tenancy cleaning yourself.


Decluttering should come first. Start by clearing the area. Take out any unnecessary objects, rubbish, or personal belongings. Get rid of or give away items you no longer need.

Adopt a room-by-room method

  • Kitchen

Give the oven, refrigerator, and microwave a thorough cleaning on the inside and outside. All surfaces, countertops, and cabinets should be cleaned. Clean and degrease the range hood and burners on the stove. Wash the faucets and the sink. Observe the floors and make sure there are no spills or stains on them.

  • Bathroom

Wipe down and sanitize every surface, including the mirrors, tiles, sink, toilet, and bathtub/shower. Eliminate dirt accumulation and limescale. Verify that drains are clear and polished fixtures. Remember to keep the grout clean.

  • Living areas/ bedrooms

Dust everything, including bookcases, electronics, and furniture, in the living areas and bedrooms. Mop or vacuum the floors, being careful not to get under furniture and in corners. Clear the blinds, sills, and windows. If it’s okay, remove any stains or blemishes from the walls.

You can either do all of this yourself or hire our professional End of tenancy cleaning London service to make things easy for yourself.

Be aware of the details

  • Clear handles, doorknobs, and light switches.
  • Baseboards, moldings, and skirting boards should all be dusted and cleaned.
  • Examine ceilings and corners for cobwebs.
  • Vacuum and clean the blinds or curtains.

Pay special attention to carpets and upholstery

If the cleaning of your carpets and upholstery is part of your tenancy agreement, use experts or make use of the right tools to give these spaces a complete cleaning. Make sure all smells and stains are gone.

Garden and exterior

If appropriate, pay attention to the outdoor spaces. Make sure your patio or garden is presentable by giving it a thorough sweep or tidy-up. Remove any trash or clutter.

Examine any repairs

Determine any harm that may need to be fixed. If at all possible, make little repairs or notify the landlord or rental agency right away. Mind that services like end of tenancy cleaning Harrow is not responsible for such wear and tear repair.

Proper documentation

Take pictures of the property both before and after cleaning to record the cleaning process and its overall state. This is proof of the meticulous cleaning that was done and the state when they moved out.

Follow-up inspection

After cleaning, if permitted, go through the property with the landlord or letting agent. Respond to any worries they may have and fix any errors right away.

Expert cleaning services

If you don’t have time to spend on end-of-tenancy cleaning, think about using our expert cleaning services. With our comprehensive services like End of Tenancy Cleaning Canary Wharf, our experts guarantee a high level of cleanliness and offer complete cleaning solutions.

Respect for health and safety regulations

When utilizing cleaning supplies and tools, abide by the safety instructions. Make sure there is enough ventilation, and if required, use safety clothing.

Recall that following these guidelines will boost the possibility of getting your deposit returned, facilitate a seamless end-of-tenancy cleaning procedure, and create a favorable impression on the landlord or leasing agency.

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